Concessions and infrastructure international arbitrations are common since the local regulation of emerging countries in which they are held is unstable.

In addition, changes in the regulation of motorway concessions, produce economic damages to its operators, which can be quantified by combining three specialty areas:

1) Evaluation of the technical characteristics of infrastructure (civil engineering)
2) Analysis of the applicable regulation (increase in inflation in the prices of tolls, etc.).
3) Financial model to quantify economical damages

Infrastructure management is the discipline that manages roads, trains, water, etc. Traditionally, these types of assets have been owned and managed by local or central government.

A concession is the granting of exploitation rights for a certain period, goods and services by a public authority or company to another, generally private. The grant is intended to administration of public assets through the use, development, operation of facilities or building new terminals and works of any kind is maritime, land or air of public property.

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