Netvalue Forensic has experience in arbitration disputes related to Bancassurance joint ventures.

The business model that combines banking and insurance sectors, which is known as «Bancassurance», describes the joint venture (or JV) between a bank and an insurance company where the insurer uses the distribution channel of the bank to sell their insurance products.

This model allows the insurance company to keep sales departments reduced. In addition, insurance policies are processed and administered by the insurance company, which focuses on the product, not on sales.

Bank employees are counselled by staff of the insurance company (Bancassurance Department of the Company) such as: product information, marketing campaigns or business courses.

Sometimes the insurer provides actuarial services (the team of senior actuary or «appointed actuary» carries reports about the new business created by the policies marketed in the JV), investment management, risk management («ALM» – asset liability management) and accounting and control, among others.

Both the bank and the insurance company share the commission.

This business model is strongly established in countries like Spain, France, Austria and the UK.

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